Run For Your Life Zuri

Have lots of fun playing with Zuri in his unusual planet by running and jumping around avoiding the pits and zombs! You can collect orbs along the way and power up with the magical star that give Zuri the ability to fly. All you have to do is run for your life and survive!

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Zuri and his family lives on an unusual planet called "Uki (You-kee)", filled with strange grounds, clouds and creatures. Zuri has been separated from his family for a long time and is in search for them. Creatures can steal the life from you and with one touch, and you will become just like them. The strange creatures are your own "people" and they have been plagued by an epidemic of an unknown contagious outbreak.

You and your family have been separated for years and you don't know how to find them. You are still hopeful, but the only way to make it is to avoid getting touched by the plague and run for your life!

Feel free to contact us and give any feedback that can help make the game even better! Please enjoy.