Hello, I am Will Jones

I am a solution driven Certified Salesforce Developer who creates and manage hands on creative web development solutions utilizing front-end and back-end web technologies

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I
Web Development - Will Jones

Web Development

I develop client/server side web soultions by any means necessary

Graphic Design - Will Jones


Designed media content for all types of visual communication

3D Special Effects Animation - Will Jones

3D Animation

From 3D modeling and animation to high-end texturing and lighting

Mobile Game Development - Will Jones

Mobile Games

Developing a Java based mobile game for iOS and Android

Web Development


Floria Virtual School Salesforce Intranet Site

Customer Community created as a records based Content Management System for department stakeholders to partake in making controlled site updates

Designed the CMS to render site content pages (records) and template layouts that runs with the Apex classes as an engine to dynamically show the records as a web page based on custom field values in the main visual force page components render attributes and page alias for url rewrite

Used javsacript remoting to access static Apex class method with javascript to build a front-end liking and commenting system using the internal Chatter API to access content posts and attached files for announcements (Also used for a People search application and custom object search)

Technology: Apex, VisualForce Pages, Visualforce Compnents, ConnectAPI (Chatter), Force.com IDE, Customer Comunity, Salesforce URL Rewrite, By pass Default Salesforce Community Login (to use for interal user only), Static Resources, Boostrap, HTML5, CSS3

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Free Online Portfolio Website, Owner

Create an online portfolio website with Bleidu by uploading your work and choosing a site template to display your content. Choose between different states of your portfolio website. There are Under Construction, Mobile and Desktop design themes.

12,300+ Members, 68,000+ Images

Technology: PHP (object oriented), MYSQL (scalable design), Javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI, JSON, Boostrap, HTML5, CSS3, Apache, Apache URL Rewrite, Stript API Integration

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Game Design Documents Made Easy, Owner

Quickly build a game design document like never before. Collaborate with others or work alone while seamlessly transitioning into developing the actual game.

Technology: PHP (oop), Slim Framework (API access), Permissions based access level, profiles, MYSQL (scalable design), Javascript, BackboneJs, AngularJs, jQuery, JSON, Boostrap, UIKit, HTML5, CSS3, Stripe Payment API Integration (SSL)

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Graphic Design

Mosquito Spraying

Hurricane Newsletter

Poker Tournament

Flood Brochure

Bounds Magazine

The Littoral Zone

Best Management Practices

BMP Horse Sense

3D Animation

MFA Thesis: Spydacore

Modified 45

Wellington Block Parties

Wellington In The Know

Battle of the Bots

FBIK Man Test

Mobile Games

Run For Your Life: Zuri

Game Developer, Owner

Have lots of fun playing with Zuri in his unusual planet by running and jumping around avoiding the pits and zombs! You can collect orbs along the way and power up with the magical star that give Zuri the ability to fly. All you have to do is run for your life and survive!

Run for your life Zuri - Google Play store Run for your life Zuri - Apple App store

Technology: Java, Eclipse, Android Device, iOS device, RoboVM, LibGdx

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If you would like to contact me, please fill out the form and I will get back to you shortly. Thanks!